Christianity, Cults & Religions
DVD Bible Study
or Small Group Curriculum

With so many religious groups in the world today, sometimes it's hard to know what they believe. This basic overview compares Christianity to six world religions and cults with this all-inclusive, 6-session DVD study— perfect for individual or small group Bible studies! Anyone can lead this ready-to-use study on Christianity, cults, and religions!

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"Christians need to know what they believe and why. They also need good advice on sharing the Gospel with people from other religions. Paul Carden's Christianity, Cults & Religions DVD does the best job I have seen for fulfilling these crucial needs in the church today." —Dr. Norman Geisler, Author and Distinguished Professor of Apologetics, Veritas Evangelical Seminary

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Meet The Expert: Paul Carden

Paul Carden is an expert on cults and world religions. He co-hosted the "Bible Answer Man" radio program, and was the International Director of Christian Research Institute. Today, he speaks around the globe on the topic of cults and religions as the executive director of the Centers for Apologetics Research.
In this cults and religions Bible Study, he explains the differences between—
  • Islam and Christianity
  • Jehovah's Witnesses and Christianity
  • Mormonism and Christianity
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About The Christianity, Cults and Religions DVD Study

This 6-session Bible study on cults is for people who wish to study the differences between various world religions and cultic groups from a Christian perspective. Includes small group sessions on—

  • Islam
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Mormonism
  • Eastern Religions
  • Basic Christian beliefs, and more.

The Complete Kit comes with the DVD (six 30-minute sessions), leader guide, participant guide, handbook, and fold-out side-by-side comparison chart of Christianity, Cults and Religions. Learn more!